Weavex methodologies will give you the plan, milestones, deliverables and steps! Resources will give you
the confidence in the project from the get-go. Get years of experience with it and take the uncertainty away!
Comprehensive ® methodology for application implementation
Application vendors provide software, suggest hardware and offer product
support. This in itself is not sufficient for maximizing benefits from an
application implementation. With businesses competing to thrive in a global
economy, transforming businesses would mean taking a quantum leap and
an all encompassing one. The software implementation should be a means
to support such business initiatives. Initiatives aimed at improving
efficiencies, cost, and service, through changes in process, people,
technology and achieving transactional, collaborative and analytical
objectives for a true transformation.  
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Implementing Oracle-PeopleSoft, SAP, Siebel, Ceridian, Avaya, Quintus or
any other ERP/CRM application/integration software or building a custom
application would require:
- A good configuration, design, development and testing.
However a successful implementation would also necessitate:
- Good business drivers translated into requirements,
- An effective strategy to prepare organization for change,
- Refined processes and then a willingness to reengineer processes for   best
practices based on the ERP and the product fit-gap analysis
- Effective approach to scope-issue-risks-quality and project management,
- Effective deployment supported by all-round training for business and
technical resources,
- With meticulous project planning, milestones and tied deliverables and
effective management of roles-responsibilities, resources, work and time.
Weavex “Comprehensive® application implementation methodology” and its
resources comprehensively address, this broad range of essential software
implementation elements, end-to-end! From evaluation (of business needs)
to evaluation (of software implementation objectives after go-live)!
To learn more about Weavex PeopleSoft implementation methodology and
its PeopleSoft experience,  have a Weavex representative
call you.
Definitive® methodology for application upgrade
Upgrades to enterprise applications have become an inevitable part of the
applications world. The technology changes and the functionality
enhancements transport process efficiencies, enhance user experience and
increase the operational efficiencies for end-users, information technology
users and maintenance personnel.  
  • The enterprise application upgrades are also not as effortless as the
    daily upgrades that we have got used to for the desktop systems, OS
    and certain desktop applications.
  • Enterprise applications are also not yet isolated from the impact due to
    upgrades to the database, operating system and middleware
  • Users have become serious in their desire to have increased integration,
    automation with enhanced functionality with every enterprise application
However upgrades to enterprise applications are not yet ‘plug and play’. The
upgrade needs to follow a certain strategy, path and steps to minimize risks
and maximize ROI, while addressing the complexity involved in the
enterprise application upgrade project.
So how do you ensure that your enterprise application upgrade:
  • Is risk-free
  • Is comprehensive in planning and execution
  • Involves your resources - functional, IT and infrastructure, giving them
    confidence in the process from the get go
  • Is prefect in design
  • Gives the users and the maintenance resources the enhanced
    functionality and technology
  • Is defect free after testing
  • Is issue-free during and after deployment
  • Does not impede parallel initiatives
  • Keeps the existing earlier version production environment running
    flawless, and
  • Yet, is on-time and on-budget.
Take the uncertainty out of Enterprise Application Upgrade…
Weavex “Definitive ® methodology for application upgrade” comprehensively
addresses all these considerations and takes the uncertainty out of the
enterprise application upgrade. This approach to enterprise upgrade has
been developed and advanced after thoughtful deliberations of experiences
on a wide range of upgrade projects and has been successfully used by
Weavex resources for fortune 500 organizations. The methodology gives the
customers ‘A Canvas® for the Upgrade’, the stakeholders the necessary
confidence in the process and in general a jump-start to make the upgrade
project a success.
Weavex additional Value Add – While Weavex adds value through well
defined steps, milestones, deliverables, templates, tools, environment
management guidelines, our  upgrade methodology provides an additional
opportunity for reduced costs in supporting existing earlier version production
environment, which would offset the extra efforts for upgrade. Yes - the
upgrade itself can utilize “Weavex TransShore ® Support Model” – relied on
for its disciplined approach and effectiveness.
To take advantage of our “Definitive ® Methodology for Enterprise Upgrade”
write to us or have a Weavex representative call you.
TransShore ® Support Model
- On-site, off site, Offshore model for implementation, upgrade, production
support and enhancements project
What are the reasons customers consider offshore?
Cost? Project timelines? Inadequate resources? Focusing on core
competency? Or shifting resources to strategic projects? Different customers
we have worked with had different reasons to consider offshore. It is
necessary formulate a clear strategy before moving application projects and
application support to offshore.  
In an offshore implementation, how do you ensure that:
  • The considerations for offshore are formulated
  • Sufficient analysis is completed?
  • Baseline scenario and parameters are collected?
  • You have taken steps to put in place the necessary infrastructure
  • You have addressed the strategy for organizational commitment and
    communication at all levels
  • You have taken systematic steps to communicate clearly (internally and
    externally) the offshore objectives and taken steps to achieve them.
  • More questions… and more strategy… and more planning…
Weavex Management has worked with a number of customers assisting
them from strategy- assessment-planning to successfully establishing and
monitoring till stabilization of offshore engagements.
Weavex management has also helped a number of organizations strategize
and plan for success of outsourcing engagements they have signed up with
other services providers.
The difference Weavex brings – is in giving our
customers (our partners) a crystal clear road-map of what they should expect
in the course of outsourcing and what they are signing up for. How they
should assess, plan, execute and then monitor their outsourcing
engagements, with a well measured and well defined strategy for People,
Process, Communication, Cost, Efforts, Work, Service and Quality.
Management team members at Weavex pioneered the onsite-offsite-
offshore production support methodology’s successful application to
PeopleSoft environment. Over the last 5 years it has been perfected for on-
going support, tax patch updates, implementations as well as upgrades.
Through the experience of successfully establishing (and in some cases
turning around) a number of on-site offshore project teams for
Implementation, upgrade and long-term production support engagements
Weavex team members have developed a “
TransShore®” model  for onsite-
offsite-offshore delivery process
for PeopleSoft applications (or any other
ERP/CRM) - which is seamless, scalable, repeatable and embeds quality!
This model - transparent to end-users, provides the much needed flexibility
to our customers and application managers entrusted with responsibility to
implement, support, provide reliability of operation, quality and at the same
time cost reduction.
The TransShore® support methodology has an inbuilt disciplined approach
and effectiveness. And Weavex adds value in methodologies through well
defined steps, milestones, deliverables, templates, tools, environment
management guidelines.
To take advantage of our “TransShore® support model”, write to us or have
a Weavex representative
call you.
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With more than 300,000 hours of
successful project experience
backing it, Management team at
Weavex is helping its customers
achieve their enterprise goals
through systematic implementation
of information technology projects –
through its various phases of…
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Best practices enabled software
development capability!
Through years of dedicated efforts,
we have identified and deployed
best practices for gaining highest
standard of software development
capability. Our software
development processes,
methodologies go through
continuous optimization.- How has
Weavex achieved the highest
quality standards?
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Weavex understands the resource
requirements from the perspective
of business process, high level
project planning and execution, and
the specific tasks level skills.
Weavex offers you the most
flexible solution and the right
partner in the realization of your
specific information technology
Read more about
Weavex Project Management and
Staffing solutions and services.
Customer perspective
Our previous consulting
organization had dragged us for 12
months with no progress and no
end in sight. After changing over
the new Project manager completed
the assessment, ramped up
resources and took over the project
within 1 week and then executed in
fixed time, for us to be ready for
the elections. Well Done”   –
sponsor public sector
  Read more
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