Comprehensive services option. Weavex Management wants to become
your partner for long-term. It is not going to be a one-time commitment.
Weavex Services
Weavex understands the requirements from the perspective of business
process, high level project plan, design and development, and at the level of
specific tasks. With the abilities and experience of its managers, Weavex
offers you the most flexible solution, resource plan and a right partner in the
realization of your specific information technology objective - be it a project
for packaged Software implementation, custom built application, functionality
enhancement, upgrade or streamlining initiative for application maintenance!
 For Customers with ERP/CRM projects- implementation, upgrade or
   application maintenance assignments
 For ERP/CRM/outsourcing Product Vendors- Vendors for implementation
   support and on-going product and development support of products,
   interfaces and reports
 Custom application development projects- Flexible resourcing model for
   staffing or total project management

  • Products - Packaged ERP/CRM applications like PeopleSoft, JD Edwards,
    Oracle, Ceridian, Avaya, Quintus, Remedy etc.
- ERPs for large and Mid size customer
- ERPs for small size customer
  • Services - Implementations, Post go-live operations and enhancements,
    Service packs and  version upgrades, Production support engagement
    with ‘TransShore ® model’. Read more about our methodologies.
  • Project management - Concept, Product evaluation to rollout
  • Approach - On-site, offsite or offshore
  • Offshoring engagements – Strategy, planning & execution for success
Read more about our ERP Life cycle services offering and TransShore Model.
  For ERP Product Vendors with implementation and on-going support need:
For ERP/CRM product vendors Weavex brings the
- HRMS/Financials/Supply Chain domain knowledge
- Experience of ramping up functional and technical teams
- Proven ability for quick and effective product knowledge acquisition and
then building teams with Business, product and technology expertise.
  • Services - Global availability of on-site and offshore trained resources
    and special teams for:
- Vendors' PSG teams during implementation, upgrade or support
- Special teams for integration and reporting needs
- Product development and support group needs
Read more about our projects, solutions and methodologies.
 Flexible Resourcing model for your specific IT resources need
Project management or Staffing
  • Total project  engagement or
  • A single top notch or ‘just right’ resource to get the job done!
  • Enterprise application Upgrade, Implementation or production support
-Onsite or Offshore
You decide. Weavex and resources will work with you to deliver on your
Weavex will use its experience of managing large and small information
technology projects (throughout the entire
life cycle of an enterprise
application’s existence) and its industry experience to provide you the right
execution plan, right resources with the right skills and right attitude! Once a
team or resource is selected, Weavex will continue to work with you to make
sure that the team or the resource delivers on the promise.
We work with you through the Project Life Cycle
We work with you to assess, plan, estimate, and devise a strategy to achieve
your objective. The management at Weavex will work with you to decide the
approach, and we won’t  rush to get you a resource where you still have to do
the job of identifying , interviewing, staffing! – that we will do it for you.
That is Weavex difference!
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  For Customers with Enterprise Applications and related projects:
Employees create quality
Engaging employees at
all levels is fundamental to Weavex
quality approach.  Employees are
equipped with tools, techniques and
continuously refined processes for
application on software
development projects to deliver the
quality desired by customers.

What are the central elements of
Weavex Quality?
Read more
No issue with offshore. In fact due
to the incident-free implementation
of the on-site offshore process, the
location of the team is transparent
to the end-users. With continuous
interaction, reporting, and
introduction of development
processes, standards and quality
measures, we have experienced a
turn around and stabilization of
production support activities and
enhancement projects. – Manager
IT Systems   
Read more
Customer perspective
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