Through years of Committed efforts on diverse software projects We have developed best Practices
to attain highest standards of software engineering capability, which helps us focus on developing
and delivering 'near perfect'  Products and services that meets customer requirements.
Weavex Quality Belief
Comprehensive solutions, not just
Employee, Process, End user and Customer…
Weavex quality is defined by 4 central elements: employee, process,
end-user and customer. These essentials are at the focal point of every
deliverable, project or software we deliver with world-class quality standards.
We want to remain and be known as an outstanding quality company.
Our processes and methodologies help us focus on developing and
delivering ‘near perfect’ products & services that meet customer
requirements by deploying right software, defect free, on-time and on-cost,
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Why do customers consider
Cost? Project timeliness?
Inadequate resources? Focusing on
core competency? Or shifting
resources to more value added
Have a Weavex representative call
you to share our offshore  
experience and help you formulate
a strategy for offshore or help you
streamline your existing Offshore
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Quality means looking at customer process from their perspective.
Understanding the transactional, analytical and decision-making life cycle
that defines their process, needs and requirements. Considering how
customers perceive it and then adding significant value through best
practices, industry trends, and knowledge driven visioning, to present
customer the competitive edge from their perspective.
The Employee...
Commitment to quality
Employees create quality software! Engaging employees at all levels is
fundamental to Weavex quality approach.  Weavex and its employees are
committed to focus their energy, experience and ability on delighting
Employees at various levels are equipped with knowledge, tools, techniques
and continuously refined software development processes. These tools are
applied to deliver quality desired by customers on the projects we undertake
or on the projects our employees participate as team members.
Our continuous emphasis on employee development, technology-quality-
process trend awareness, Quality Assurance tools-techniques and improving
process capability for ensuring quality gives Weavex and its employees the
instruments to deliver consistently on our ‘Quality Promise’. We believe that
our every employee is dedicated, involved and motivated to the cause of
quality and we make every effort to ensure that even customer employees
on the project engage themselves in similar quest.
The Process…
Best practices enabled highest level of software development capability
Through years of dedicated efforts, we have identified and deployed best
practices to continue to posses highest standard of software development
capability. Our software development processes, methodologies go through
continuous optimization. Our Project managers and resources understand
the software development processes we deploy and their exact role and how
every unit of software development meets the CMM requirements.
Our mangers and resources are trained to constantly improve applied
processes while working on the project. New ideas and technologies are
added to the software development process, as part of continuous
improvement process towards our objective of defect free delivery of
products and services through the design of the software development
The End-users name the quality…
End-users define quality and beyond… and hence are the focal point of the
products and services we deliver, where they feel delighted, positive and
believe that information technology has made their job simpler, efficient and
enjoyable. We recognize achieving excellent quality is not adequate.
The end-users do not want us to just deliver quality products and services
on-time and on-cost, but essentially expect us to understand their
requirements better, deliver information technology enabled
solutions-applications and systems that have reliability and performance,
that make their end results accurate, consistent and in the end help them
serve their customers better and achiever their business objectives.
We help them conduct their business and carry out their processes more
efficiently. And in the world of e-business and collaborative self-service
exchanges, we facilitate customers…end-users, seize every opportunity of
eliminating barriers of inefficiencies in their transactional and analytical
The End-customers and employees delighted…
Weavex believes that end-users define quality and internally for an
organization’s information technology products end-users are customers.
However, any information technology project is primarily intended to improve
a business process which serves some form end customers. Be it employees
using supply chain, finance, HRIS, eRecruit, Intranet portal project or a
consumer using the extranet portal buying a product or getting improved
service enabled by some IT application.
Weavex quality belief and practices make every developer keep in view both
the end user (as a customer) and the employee or consumer (as the
end-customer). This total view of the requirement reflects in the software
Weavex develops or the product we deliver, as the Weavex developer
designs, builds, deploys and maintains it.
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Customer perspective
Giving users the confidence of a
well planned & executed project and
an incident free cut-over and go-
live was the major demand on the
new IT management and we got
the confidence from the get-go with
strong project plan. Ended up with
great test scripts, and review,
change control process. – Manager-
PeopleSoft support.
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Weavex uses its experience of
managing large and small
information technology projects to
provide you the right execution
plan, right resources with the right
skills and right attitude! Weavex
will also ensure that the team
delivers on the promise.
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