Weavex ensures that ERP/CRM implementations have removed barriers of inefficiencies, through self service and
analytical applications. Our customers feel positive and believe their jobs become simpler, efficient and enjoyable!

Oracle/PeopleSoft Capabilities
PeopleSoft Application Implementation
PeopleSoft Application Upgrade
    Take the uncertainty out of PeopleSoft Application Upgrade
PeopleSoft Application Maintenance
    Just the right Model for on-site offshore support for PeopleSoft
Weavex has the proven PeopleSoft implementation-upgrade-maintenance-
production support capabilities needed to bring any organization’s enterprise
solution vision to reality. We work in partnership with our customers to make
sure they accomplish their organizational and financial objectives – achieve
their process and performance improvement goals efficiently and cost
effectively. Our long-term collaboration is aimed at assisting our clients
through every phase of the Oracle/PeopleSoft application
life cycle so that
they are able to attain a position of enduring competitive advantage.
Weavex delivers value throughout the entire life cycle of an enterprise
application. Weavex
PeopleSoft solutions are delivered through proven
methodologies, experienced functional and technical resources and
supported by a knowledgebase of processes and tools. The execution follows
a well defined plan, with proper understanding of the required functionality,
converted to a well thought out design, meticulous build, comprehensive
testing, documentation for future reference, and hence success of every
assignment or project.
“PeopleSoft Upgrade Project was a
model for partnership between
consulting team and customer. It
will make our HR processes more
efficient …”– Vice President, HRIS.
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Comprehensive® PeopleSoft implementation methodology
Application vendors provide software, suggest hardware and offer product
support. This in itself is not sufficient for maximizing benefits from an
application implementation. With businesses competing to thrive in a global
economy, transforming businesses would mean taking a quantum leap and
an all encompassing one. The software implementation should be a means
to support such business initiatives. Initiatives aimed at improving
efficiencies, cost, and service, through changes in process, people,
technology and achieving transactional, collaborative and analytical
objectives for a true transformation.
Implementing ERP/CRM application would require a good configuration,
design, build and testing. But a successful implementation with maximum
ROI and less risks will necessitate business drivers translated into
requirements and an effective strategy to prepare business for
transformation, a new way of doing business. A successful implementation
will need effective scope management, and then a deployment with
meticulous project planning, milestones and tied deliverables. Identifying
these elements early and then managing effectively requires experience!
Weavex “Comprehensive® application implementation methodology” and its
resources comprehensively address, this broad range of essential software
implementation elements, end-to-end! From evaluation (of business needs)
to evaluation (of software implementation objectives after go-live)!
To learn more about Weavex Comprehensive® implementation
methodology or PeopleSoft experience  have a Weavex representative
Take the uncertainty out of PeopleSoft Application Upgrade…
Weavex "Definitive® Methodology for Enterprise Upgrade” comprehensively
addresses all concerns and considerations for the upgrade and takes the
uncertainty out of the enterprise application upgrade. This approach to
enterprise upgrade has been developed and advanced after thoughtful
deliberations of experiences on a wide range of PeopleSoft upgrade projects
and has been successfully used by Weavex resources for fortune 500
organizations. The methodology gives the customers ‘A Canvas ® for the
Upgrade’, the stake holders the necessary confidence in the process and in
general a jump-start to make the upgrade project a success.
Weavex Value Add – While Weavex adds value through well defined steps,
milestones, deliverables, templates, tools, environment management
guidelines, its methodology provides an additional opportunity for reduced
costs in supporting existing earlier version production environment, which
would offset the extra efforts for upgrade. Yes - the upgrade itself can utilize
“Weavex TransShore® Support Model” – relied on, for its disciplined
approach and effectiveness.
To learn more about Weavex PeopleSoft capabilities, methodologies request
for “Weavex PeopleSoft capabilities” brochure or have a Weavex
call you.
Activities in PeopleSoft Application Maintenance Services
  1. PS Admin & DB Admin: PeopleSoft administration and Database
    administration including environments and capacity management, Job
    monitoring, performance monitoring and management, On-call support,
  2. PeopleSoft Application Support: including security, production fixes,
    tax/patch update, smaller technical and SP upgrades etc.
  3. Application Modifications and Enhancements: including modifications
    and development enhancements
  4. Projects: New Modules, Upgrades, Implementation
Just the right Model for PeopleSoft Application Maintenance Services…
Management team members at Weavex pioneered the onsite-offsite-
offshore production support methodology’s successful application to
PeopleSoft environment. Over the last 5 years it has been perfected and has
been made ‘just the right thing’ for every PeopleSoft project – on-going
support, implementation as well as upgrade. This approach has now become
an industry standard offering for cost effective PeopleSoft production support.
Through the experience of successfully establishing (and in some cases
turning around) a number of on-site offshore projects for Implementation,
upgrade and long-term production support engagements, Weavex team
members have developed a “Trans
Shore® ” model  for onsite-offsite-
offshore delivery process for PeopleSoft applications - which is seamless,
scalable, repeatable and embeds quality! This model - transparent to end-
users, provides the much needed flexibility to our customers and application
managers entrusted with responsibility to implement, support, provide
reliability of operation, quality and at the same time cost reduction.
To take advantage of our “TransShore ® Support Model” for PeopleSoft
write to us or have a Weavex representative call you.

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Customer perspective
Why do customers considers
offshore? - Cost, Project timeline,  
inadequate resources, focusing on
core competency or shifting
resources to more value projects?
Have a Weavex representative
call you to help you formulate a
strategy for offshore or
an existing offshore engagement.
Weavex quality is defined by 4
central elements: employee,
process, end-user and
end-customer. How has Weavex
achieved the highest quality
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