Our processes emphasize understanding the requirements better, designing and building
business and technology solution with methodical and collaborative approach!
Customers and Projects
Weavex brings the experience of ‘Having done it’ earlier! The experience of
processes during project planning, project implementation and appropriate
understanding of the end-user requirements. The proficiency and knowledge
of experienced resources. The perspective of large system integrators and
the agility, promise, ingenuity and dedication of an aspiring business entity.
Trusted and experienced by big and small organizations, on large and small
projects, alike.
The customers we have worked with like us for all these reasons and
primarily because our resources have demonstrated time and again, the
ability to successfully deliver a quality software on time and on budget and
make the chain of customer users successful.
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Our resources have assisted a wide range of customers from diverse
industries working on different projects – including ERP/CRM
implementations, upgrades, and production support projects with a flexible
option / combination of resource deployment - On-site, offsite and/or
  • Electrical and Electronics Manufacturing
  • Transportation / Global shipping
  • HR Outsourcing
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Public sector – State agencies
  • Transportation / Relocation  
  • Finance – Insurance and Mortgage
A glimpse into the type of projects our resources have worked on is as
Why do customers consider
- Cost? Project timeline?
Inadequate resources? Focusing on
core competency? Or shifting
resources to more value added
projects? Have a Weavex
Call you…to help you
formulate a strategy for offshore or
streamline an existing Offshore
Project Highlights
Highlights of projects our resources have worked on
  • Multiple PeopleSoft 8.x upgrades for North America – HRMS and
    Financials (Concept to rollout)
  • Large PeopleSoft multi-location rollout for a fortune 500 global electrical
    and electronics manufacturing giant (Requirements, Process
    reengineering to rollout)
  • CRM implementation for establishing a shared services organization with
    Analytical reporting (Concept to rollout)
  • Multistage PeopleSoft upgrade project covering 150,000 employees
    HRMS, Benefits, Payroll and 500+ batch components and 100+ interfaces
    (Concept to rollout)
  • PeopleSoft 8.8 HRMS/Benefits/Payroll implementation (Design,
    construction, testing)
  • PeopleSoft 8.x Global implementation (Concept to rollout)  
  • Pioneering effort in establishing PeopleSoft Production support center
    (Approach, SLA, Methodology Process and resources) using an On-
    site/offshore model
  • Project to take care of merger of an acquired entity into PeopleSoft HRMS
  • Turning around a failed PeopleSoft on-site/offshore production support
    center responsible for day to day fixes, enhancements and job monitoring
  • Taking over a languishing PeopleSoft upgrade project and delivering in
    record time
  • Establishing an offshore center of excellence for a large ISV (in the
    business of HRMS, Payroll outsourcing and thousands of customers) –
    Assisting them in their projects involving implementation and
    establishing a global crystal reports development

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Comprehensive solutions, not just
With Weavex services model you
can total project management
services or a single top notch
resource. Whatever model, Weavex
management and its experience
are available to help you achieve
your objective. The resources are
assisted by a network of Weavex
resources and the vast
knowledgebase, if required. That is
Weavex difference!
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End users and End customers
define quality, and hence are the
focal point of the products and
services Weavex delivers.
The end-users essentially expect
us to understand their
requirements and deliver
applications that have reliability,
performance, accuracy,
consistency. Weavex regularly
delivers on its customer’s
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