Weavex nurtures planning, creativity, individual and team commitment to
excellence, while nourishing the intrinsic abilities of individual employees.
Weavex is a great place to work. Join us and participate in the excitement of
building the information technology products and services company that is
making a difference for its customers. You too can make a difference!
We trust our products and services make an impact for end-users. They feel
positive and believe information technology products and services from
Weavex has made their job simpler, efficient and enjoyable!
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Weavex offers you an environment to contribute with innovation, to realize
your potential, to convert your ideas into reality and make an impact. This is
a rewarding experience. Feel satisfied with the opportunities Weavex offers
you to excel, develop, learn and grow. Weavex is an equal opportunity
If you are interested in working with Weavex and want to make a difference,
send your resume to careersusa@weavex.com.
Career contact at Weavex
Careers in USA
E-mail: careersusa@weavex.com
Careers in INDIA
E-mail: careersindia@weavex.com

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