We bring our impeccable record of envisioning, planning, designing,
and delivering enterprise and custom developed applications.
About Weavex
Weavex is a global information technology software and services provider.
Our Enterprise Application Services for implementation upgrade and
production support is a commitment to our customers, to enable them
deploy ERP/CRM/DW applications as an effective vehicle in improving
process efficiencies and transforming businesses successfully.
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Our specialized HRO/HRIS Services are focused on assisting HR
organizations become strategic business partners. Weavex ERP integration
expertise, bolt-on products partnerships and HR domain knowledge is
assisting its customers create an integrated HRIS platform, for when-needed
information, data-driven decision making capability and streamlined
compliance reporting. This makes them present a superior experience to
employees and managers, thereby helping business thrive and in turn
improve service to end-customers.
Our Software Products bring together Weavex technology platform, Weavex
ingenuity and our quest to meet customer needs, help them increase
efficiency and do their day to day job better and to make our customer's
end-customers happy.
Why Weavex
Weavex brings the experience of 'Having done it’ earlier! So customers don't
have to reinvent the wheel! We bring the processes necessary to make every
project a success! The proficiency and knowledge of experienced resources!
The outlook of large system integrators and the agility, promise, ingenuity
and dedication of an aspiring business entity! Trusted and experienced by
big and small!
Our resources have earned respect from our customers, for assisting them
bring their enterprise solution vision to life in a proficient, time bound and
cost effective way.  Weavex resources have a proven track record of many
successful implementations, upgrades and production support engagements.
This achievement is a result of:
  • More than 20 years of industry and information technology experience
  • More than 300,000 hours of successful project experience
  • Deployment of proven methodologies, templates and toolsets
  • Adherence to project and quality management processes and progress
    monitoring tools
  • Collaborative approach which ensures early involvement of all customer
  • Comprehensive project planning with a lot of anticipation based on
    previous experience and resources that have the requisite experience,
    skill and attitude to get the job done.
We are young, but our resources bring years of experience in the industry
and information technology. We are small but agile. And bring the
perspective and impeccability of a seasoned information technology provider.
And that is the reason customers want us to work with them. They get what
they ask for and more. Weavex management works with every customer to
make the endeavor successful. Meticulously! Day and night! On-site and
Copyright (C) 2006, Weavex Inc. All rights Reserved.
Project or Staffing! Flexibility you
need with Weavex commitment!
Weavex is known as an
outstanding quality company.  Our
processes and methodologies help
us focus on developing and
delivering ‘near perfect’ products &
services that meet customer
requirements by deploying right
software, defect free, on-time and
on-cost, EVERY TIME.
How is Weavex Quality defined?  
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Project or Staffing! Flexibility you
need – with Weavex commitment!
We work with you to assess, plan,
estimate, and devise a strategy to
achieve your objective. Weavex
management will work with you to
decide the approach. We won’t rush
to get you a resource and you still
have to do the job of identifying,
interviewing, and staffing! We will
do it for you.
That is Weavex difference!
Customer perspective
We had gone through 3 difficult
PeopleSoft Upgrades before we
embarked upon the 8.0 upgrade
with Global deployment. Thanks to
the flexible methodology this
project was smooth & incident free…”
– Director IT.
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