Weavex goes beyond quality, on-time, on-cost and delivers software that has reliability, performance, accuracy, consistency and helps
our customers serve their customers better.
Assess > Converge > Mobilize > Accomplish
Implementation, upgrade and
support services, is a commitment to
our customers to enable them deploy
ERP/CRM/DW applications as an
effective vehicle in improving process
efficiencies and transforming
businesses successfully.

Our products bring together Weavex
technology platform, Weavex
ingenuity and our quest to meet
customer needs, help them do their
day to day job better and to make
their end-customers happy. They say
to us “Thank you Weavex!”

Weavex focus in HR ERP,
best-of-breed HRMS bolt-on
applications, its integration
with internal applications and external
service providers along with insight
and expertise in HR Processes is
providing true end-to-end
implementation experience to
     Copyright (C) 2006, Weavex inc. All rights reserved.
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